Your business needs a Facebook advertising strategy with growth potential.

Facebook is one of the most powerful
marketing tools there is.

It collects detailed data on all users. It allows your business to target specific audiences. Every “like” is tracked. Every event someone shows interest in is recorded. Every business and product someone discusses or shares are known along with the time of the day they share them. This is an overwhelming amount of information to take into consideration, especially when your business is making decisions on placing a Facebook Ad. These details are what your business needs to navigate through to have successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

Many businesses will jump into creating a Facebook ad campaign without any knowledge of the audience they want to target, how to adjust the campaign over time, and without a strategy behind what to do with the conversions. Black Label can help you define an organic and effective ad strategy that is focused on your business goals.


  • Age 25 to 34, is the most common age demographic.
  • Highest traffic occurs mid-week between 1 to 3 pm.
  • On Thursdays and Fridays, engagement is 18% higher.
  • 50% of 18-24 year-olds go on Facebook when they wake up.
  • Average Facebook ad cost for 1000 impressions is ~$7.
  • Only 49% of consumers like a Facebook Page to support the brand.
  • 40% of consumers don’t like brands at all

Your Facebook ad strategy should grow over time and adjust to results.

Businesses have better results with Facebook advertising with a detailed organic strategy.  Your business is defined by a combination of the results you want to accomplish and your budget. Your strategy has a timeline to gain traction as well as a plan for moving forward into the future.

A strategy is only good if it keeps changing based on results.  

Take into consideration the larger marketing strategy.

Part of developing a digital marketing strategy is to make sure each piece of it fits into a larger plan. You want to make sure your Facebook strategy aligns with your mission and values as a business.

When a visitor clicks on your Facebook ad, does it take them to your blog? How are you nurturing that visitor?  Are you receiving a lot of page likes that aren’t turning into customers?  

A Facebook ad strategy will help you determine what happens every part of the way.

Be patient, but set time expectations.

The average Facebook ad click-through rate is .9%. This means that it takes more time to get a bigger response. This also means you have to allow enough time to harness valid data. A long-term ad strategy develops over many iterations and adjustments after analyzing results. Placing an ad for a week and giving up doesn’t work. You need to consider external factors like holidays, weekends and current events.

Set budget expectations for the long-term.

A long-term advertising strategy requires long-term budget planning. A business must maintain a consistent advertising effort over time to see the results. Running ads for a week or a month and then stopping won’t give you satisfactory results. Find a budget that will work best for your business and the results you wish to achieve.

Look at the network, not just the individual.

An individual can be just as valuable as their network on Facebook. Networks are created around similar interests. When you are interacting with your own friends on Facebook you will see when they like a brand or ad. This spreads to your network which then spreads to other networks.  

Are your Facebook Ads reaching users with small networks?

Seek the advice of experts.

Black Label works with a network of experts across many disciplines and industries. Your business may have access to these experts externally or maybe you have hired a team of specialists. When seeking advice, be sure not to follow the traditional full-service agency strategy and silo your work. Be open, be transparent and use whatever information you have to inform the larger strategy.