The Value of your businesses data depends on what you do with it.

Every day customers visit you online through a variety of different channels. How your business tracks existing customers and creates new ones is incredibly important to your success.

By combining your organizational data along with publicly available social data, we can measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, deliver a strategy based on those results, and refine your approach to continually maximize your approach. We then monitor the results to prove it works.

Social engagement strategy.

Every day you have people visiting your website, interacting with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, reviewing with your product or service, and communicating with your support team.

At every point that your audience engages with your company, there is data that can be taken in, analyzed and have meaning drawn from that can measure the results of your marketing efforts.

Managing and analyzing your inbound customer data takes time, and requires expertise in many different disciplines to truly understand it. Executive teams are focused on the organizational vision and don’t have time to be constantly monitoring your customer engagement and deriving meaning from big data.

Black Label evaluates all of this data and delivers a simple, unified analysis and digital strategy that directly speaks to the effectiveness of your marketing on your business’s bottom line. We then offer relevant solutions for how you can increase and optimize customer engagement, develop solutions to further engage your audience, and help you achieve results that align with the vision of your company.

We are translators of data into something consumable and meaningful for your business. We are creative thinkers who provide essential insight into how your product or service is engaging with your audience, create content to enhance that engagement and provide innovative solutions that will deliver for you bottom line.

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