We help clients answer this key question: what are the biggest opportunities for increasing our online sales channels, and how can we use our customer data to get us there?

Whether you are selling retail goods, collecting membership subscriptions, or soliciting donations for a nonprofit organization, online sales are the lifeblood of your organization. A powerful strategy centered on increasing sales, growing your customer base, and retaining existing customers is essential to growing your business.

Learning how your customers interact with your business online offers many opportunities for capturing their information and determining their needs. Your ecommerce site has many entry points and exit points that should be monitored for improvement and audience engagement. Black Label can help you define a strategy around those results.

Increased Revenue

Improvements to conversion rates means more revenue, larger orders, and more frequent purchases. We help you develop a comprehensive strategy that will dramatically increase your online sales.

Organic Growth

We help you discover how to provide additional value to your customers and build an audience of brand ambassadors. This authentic approach to customer value positions your company as a powerhouse in the marketplace.

Improved Visibility

By identifying exactly what your target market is searching for, and implementing strategies that get your products in front of those customers, we are able to reduce unnecessary costs and ensure you are the one guiding the customer purchase — not your competitor.

Engaged, Loyal Customers

Engaging customers via social media channels is a proven way to improve customer satisfaction, and drive new business to your online store. We help integrate your social strategy into your sales channels in order to capture a broader market of customers interested in your products.

No Missed Opportunities

We help you create a comprehensive system that recaptures abandoned sales and increases the lifetime value of each of your customers through highly targeted marketing. This system is continually optimized as your organization grows and your customer behaviors change, ensuring you are staying ahead of shifting markets.

Optimized Customer Paths

Through dynamic platforms that analyze and identify customer trends and behaviors, we are able to amplify your best selling products in order to further drive sales to products that are in high demand.


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